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Student Finance

Financial Advice for Parents and Carers

Going to university comes with many new expenses and understandably the cost can be a major concern. Parents and carers are often most worried about finances, particularly concerning perceived debt. However, we like to think of it more as a future ‘tax’ that the graduate will pay, rather than a debt. 

It’s important to remember that any young person who normally lives (i.e is permanently resident) in the UK can apply to Student Finance for a variety of grants and loans to support them at university. The government and the university also offer bursaries (non-repayable grants) for certain subjects, so there could be extra help available. 

Explore our FAQs below or visit our Student Finance Hub for a full course fees breakdown. 

Visit Our Student Finance Hub


What financial support is available to my child? What are the Tuition fees?

What can the Maintenance loan cover and how do they receive this money?

Is interest included in the loan?

What extra help is available?

How does my child apply for Student Finance?

How does the repayment system work? I am concerned that they are going to be left in a lot of debt.

What about if I live in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland?

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