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Undergraduate tuition fees


The tuition fees for entry to the academic year 2018-2019 are not yet available for publication. UK undergraduate tuition fees are subject to UK Government approval and this has not yet been given. We will update this page as soon as more detailed information is available. For reference, the 2017/18 tuition fees are provided below. Fees are expected to increase by inflation (RPI-X) each year.


The table below illustrates the undergraduate tuition fees payable by students studying in the 2017/18 academic year. This includes new students starting in 2017/18 and continuing students who began in 2016/17.

These fees apply to the 2017/18 academic year only and are subject to inflationary increases in subsequent years of study.

CourseHome and EUInternational
BA, BSc, BEng or LLB £9,250 £10,500
DipHE or CertHE £9,250 £10,500
FdA or FdSc £9,250 £10,500
BA, BSc with integrated foundation year £6,000 (year 1)
BA or BSc fee for the year of study applies in years 2-4
£7,500 (year 1)  
BA or BSc fee for the year of study applies in years 2-4
Sandwich or placement year £1,600  

† An early payment discount is available for international students. For more information, visit our international finance page.

Part-time students

Fees for part-time students with a fixed term of study are calculated on a pro-rata basis, calculated by taking the cost of the equivalent full-time course and dividing it by the number of years it will take to complete. For more information, please visit our part-time finance page.

Tuition fee loans

If you are from the UK or part of the EU, you can apply for a loan to help with the cost of university fees. There are two types of loans you may be able to apply for: tuition fee and maintenance loans.

Full time and part time students from the UK or EU can apply for a tuition fee loan up to £9,250 for 2017/18. This is paid directly to the University each year, and is not dependent on your household income. Click here to apply directly online.

When applying for your student loan, you will need to contact the relevant student funding authority for the area in which you live. Your loan application is likely to take around 2 months to finalise so it is important to complete your application as soon as possible. We recommend completing your application by the end of May (new students) or June (continuing students) to avoid any delays in receiving your funding.

Apply for a tuition fee loan

Maintenance Loans

Full time students from the UK can apply for a maintenance loan to assist with meeting living costs such as food, accommodation and travel expenses. These are normally paid in three instalments throughout the university year directly to your bank account.

Depending on household income, students may be able to apply for the following amounts in 2017/18:

Living at Home Up to £7,097
Living away from home (outside of London) Up to £8,430
Living away from home (in London) Up to £11,002
Studying abroad (for 1 year) Up to £9,654

You can work out how much of a loan you are entitled to apply for using the Student Finance Calculator.

If you're eligible, you may be able to access a reduced rate maintenance loan. The amount depends on where you live during the year:

Repaying your loan

Graduates with a home address in England, who have a student loan, only start repaying their tuition fee loan the April after graduation and once they earn over £21,000 per year, and then only on the amount above £21,000 (e.g. £7 a month for earners of £21,000).

To repay the whole amount you would need to earn £37,000 a year or more (and even then it would still take up to 30 years). This means you may have some (or even all) of your loan written off.

These loans attract interest which is charged at different rates depending on your earnings. For more details on interest rates, please visit the Student Loans Company website. Please note that the terms of student loans are set by the Government rather than the University.

Repayment calculator

Additional support

Some students with specialist circumstances may qualify for additional funding to help support them during their courses.

For students with children

For students with adult dependants

For students with a disability or specific learning difficulty

Armed Forces

Self-funded students

If you are a full-time student and you decide not to apply for a tuition fee loan, then you may pay your tuition fees in full or spread out the cost through a maximum of three instalments. To discuss instalments, send us an email.

Instalments are not available for part-time students. Fees must be paid in full at the start of the semester. 

Tuition fee invoices are sent electronically to students university and personal email accounts.

Make a payment - without an invoice

Make a payment - with an invoice

Student Financial Regulations

The Student Financial Regulations describes your contractual obligations to the university regarding finance. It includes our policies about:

Please download and read the regulations before starting your course.

Download the Student Financial Regulations for 2017-18 starters (PDF)

Download the Student Financial Regulations for 2016-17 starters (PDF)