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FAQ section - Student Loans

How do I apply for a student loan?

When do I apply for my student loan?

When will I get my student loan?

What Fee should I put on my student loan application?

Where can I find my course on the Student Loan Company Website?

What should I use my student loan for?

I’m an international Student – can I apply for student finance?

I’m not sure how to complete my student finance application, what should I do?

I’ve come through clearing, will I still receive my student finance?

I'm studying as an Apprentice, can I get a student loan.

FAQ - Financial Support and Guidance

Which scholarships, bursaries or support funds do I qualify for?

How do I apply for ELCAS funding?

How can I make my money last?

Where can I request a letter confirming I am a student?

FAQ - Payment Queries

I don’t qualify for a loan, but can’t afford to pay my fees upfront

I can’t pay my accommodation or tuition fees on time

Why can I not see my invoice to make a payment?

How do I pay my accommodation pre-payment?

Can I pay by instalments?

How do I add credit to my catering card?

How do I query the amount of an invoice?

What are the instalment options?

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