Student Finance Contacts

There’s a lot to consider in affording your university life, and naturally you’ll have many questions about your finances. Consult below for a list of frequently asked questions about finances.

Who should I contact?

For queries about student finance and the payment of fees, please contact our Accounts Receivable team.

For queries about student loans, scholarships, bursaries or support funds, please contact our Money Advice team.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I get my student loan or bursary?

The Student Loan Company will release the money into your account three to five days after receiving confirmation that you are attending university, i.e. after you are fully registered. Be sure to budget enough money to last you until then.

Please refer to our Student Money Advisers for advice regarding delayed funding here.

What fee should I put on my student loan application?

To find out the fee in your current year of study, please see the continuing students finance page.

Where can I find my course on the Student Loan Company website?

To find your course on the Student Loan Company website, you may need to use the UCAS course code or you can search for your course using its title in the university prospectus.

When selecting your course, make sure that you choose the correct mode of study (full-time or part-time) and any additional attributes on your course title, e.g., with placement/without placement, London campus/not London campus. Part-time students need to select their start year and cohort, e.g., Sept 2015 start, January 2016 start.

If you have any trouble finding your course or you’re not sure which course to select, please contact

If your course does not appear on the Student Loan Company website, do not assume this means it does not qualify for a loan. Please contact who will check the eligibility of the course. If it is an eligible course it will then be added to the website for you to select.

What should I use my student loan for?

The Student Loan Company's finance package may include:

  • A tuition fee loan which covers your course fees. This goes directly to the university.
  • A maintenance loan which helps cover living costs, such as food, accommodation and books. This money goes directly into your bank account and must be repaid once you start earning £26,575 after graduating.

For advice on the most effective use of your maintenance loan, contact our money advice team.

I’m an international student - can I apply for student finance?

If you are a resident of the EU, you can apply for student finance to assist with the cost of your tuition fees. You will not however be entitled to apply for a maintenance loan. For more information, please visit our EU finance page.

All other international students are not able to apply for student finance, however you may be eligible for our international scholarship. Please visit our international finance page for more information.

I don't qualify for a loan, but can't afford to pay my fees upfront

If you're paying your own fees, you have the option of spreading the cost in instalments. To discuss instalments contact

I can't pay my accommodation or tuition fees on time

If you're unable to pay your fees on time, please contact the accounts receivable team to make a payment arrangement.

Phone: 01524 590 826

If you're struggling financially and need help managing your money, get in touch with our money advice team. They can offer you advice on budgeting your money and applying for additional funding.

Which scholarships, bursaries or support funds do I qualify for?

A list of criteria is available on the Scholarships and Bursaries page.

If you need further advice, contact the Student Money Advisers by emailing They can help you work out whether you are eligible for any additional funding support.

I’m not sure how to complete my student finance application, what should I do?

There is plenty of step-by-step advice on how to complete your student finance application. The Student Room is a great resource for student finance guidance.

When should I complete my Student Finance Application?

You should aim to complete your student finance application before 31 May to give the Student Loan Company enough time to process your application in time for the start of the academic term. If you don’t know which university you are going to go to yet, put your first choice of university and course on the application. You can log back into your online account to change this at any time before 1 September. This way the time-consuming aspects of the application (e.g. household income assessments) will have already been completed.

How can I make my money last?

Our Student Money Advice Team can help you develop your budgeting skills, ensuring that you can keep your spending in check and leave university with as little debt as possible. Have a look at our budgeting top tips here.  Alternatively, make an appointment to see one of our Student Money Advisers. 

I’ve come to the uni through clearing; will I still receive my student finance?

If you are a clearing student, you will need to log back into your student finance online account before the 1 Sept, change your university details to the University of Cumbria and select your new course. Failure to amend these details may result in your funding being delayed. Find out more on the Clearing finance page.

Where can I request a letter confirming I am a student?

The Programme Administration provide a number of different letters or documents for you. Always carry your Cumbria card with you when you are visiting your Programme Administration office so that you can prove your identity.


You will receive electronic copies of your Council Tax Exemption Form (if you meet the eligibility requirements for this) and also your Confirmation of Registration letter when you fully registered in your first year of study.

You will be provided with a new Confirmation of Registration letter each time you register for successive years of your course providing that you have no outstanding issues for your registration. 

More information can be found here.


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