If you are thinking of cancelling registration or withdrawing from a programme then you should speak to one of our Student Money Advisers to discuss the financial implications and help make the right decision for you.

Withdrawal and Intercalation Fees

Students have a legal right to cancel a contract under the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2013. The tuition fee liability for students is set out below. 

Relevant DateElement of Fee Liability
Within 14 days of course start date in Year 1 of a programme Pro-rated charge for each day after course start date
First day of Term 1 (or 14 days after the course start date in Year 1 of a programme) 25%
First day of Term 2 50%
First day of Term 3 100%

Please note this only applies to UK/EU students. International students will not be eligible for any refunds should they choose to withdraw.

If you have been forced to withdraw from your course due to an unexpected change in circumstances since the time you registered, you may request a review of the tuition fee charged. This review will be conducted in line with the process agreed by the Tuition Fee Management Group. Any deviation from the policy outlined above will be subject to a review of documentary evidence, or any other evidence, which the university shall require in order to be satisfied of the entitlement.

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Scholarships and Bursaries

The University may choose to operate bursary, scholarship or studentship schemes of its own or on behalf of funders. The details of each scheme are available on the University’s website and the terms and condition are outlined.

Qualifying students will have their entitlements stopped on withdrawal or intercalation and no further payments will be made. Any amounts that are paid after a student’s last date of attendance will be repayble immediately.  Any payments that have been made that relate to the period after a student’s last date of attendance are also repayable.


It may be that you decide to take a year out from your normal studies and return to them later - this is known as intercalating. If you intercalate, then you will not be entitled to any tuition fee refund, and any bursary/scholarship payments you may have will be frozen. The total amount you have paid so far will be credited against your fee account when you return, using the tuition fee set during the year you first registered for university.

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