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PgC - Healthcare and Medical Leadership: Practice Development

With career opportunities expanding in the health and medical sector, our PgC Practice Development: Healthcare and Medical Leadership aims to ensure that you're a skilled, confident and problem-solving individual best placed to work as a qualified professional. You will study alongside colleagues from all areas of health and medical care. This will allow you to appreciate the complexities of working within a dynamic and challenging environment.

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Course Overview

You will be required to undertake the following modules: Coaching and Mentoring (20 credits), Leadership through Transformative Learning (20 credits), Work-based Learning (20 credits). This programme of study is created to align with workforce development and supports professional progression. The 3 modules of this programme are contemporary, and have been tailored to ensure that they meet the needs of the Healthcare and Medical Service stakeholders, and will continue to do so in the future.

Reflection and reflexive practice are core skills that students will develop over the duration of this PGCert using a reflective workbook to record their personal and professional progress and provide iterative evidence for each module and beyond the taught elements of the programme. The PGCert Practice Development: Healthcare and Medical Leadership is one of a suite of programmes within the Practice Development framework. This programme has been specifically developed to meet the continuing professional development needs of individuals who are leading, managing and supervising at a strategic level (or aspiring to do so) within a variety of settings. The programme is designed to enable you to apply your learning to your own professional context.

The development of the PGCert Practice Development: Healthcare and Medical Leadership has been informed by engagement with key stakeholders who require a suite of modules to support management and leadership development for staff at all levels within their organisations. This engagement has ensured that content and delivery methods are appropriate for the needs of a diverse workforce. The importance of the development and enhancement of management knowledge, skills and behaviours for current and aspiring leaders and managers is crucial and the programme has been developed with this in mind.

On this course you will...

  • Study a course with a new and exciting approach to leadership. The focus is on self and how you impact the world.
  • Be part of a wide network of fellow students.
  • Receive supportive help and advice – we cater for all educational needs.
  • Advance your academic and professional development through self-reflection and reflexivity.
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Course Structure

What you will learn

Throughout this course, you will be required to undertake a review of yourself using reflection and reflexive practice.

Start by studying Leadership Through Transformative Learning Theories. This new and exciting module will give you the tools and insight into yourself and your perspectives and how they affect your decision-making and actions. You may even go through a disorientating dilemma!

Next up, you will complete the Coaching and Mentoring module. This module gives you tools and skills that allow you to develop your communication and leadership skills.

Finally, you will bring together your learning and construct ideas into a project that can be used in your life and workspace.

  • Leadership through Transformational Learning
    This module aims to develop your confidence in leadership through critically reflecting on your own experiences and development. We do this through exploring your own personal values and experiences - "your own story" through reflection and reflexivity within areas of interest unique to you.
  • Coaching and Mentoring
    This module is based on the skills and knowledge required to undertake coaching and mentoring at an Executive or Senior level. There is a strong emphasis on practical and experiential learning, and it is underpinned by robust theory, informed by best practice in psychology and management learning.
  • Work-Based Learning
    This module allows you to demonstrate your learning from the previous two modules, as well as their impact on you and your environment.

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