In this section you will find web timetables for courses, modules, departments and rooms

Semester Timetables

New Students

Welcome Week timetables for new starters will also be provided at the start of the course as part of pre-course induction information. Further information on these will be available on the website prior to the start of the new Academic Year.

The Semester 1 timetable will be published during welcome week.

Returning Students

Returning students can access the live timetables once they are published at the end of August via Your Files under the ‘Systems’ section or through the ‘Timetables’ option under the ‘Academic’ section. You can also access web timetabling via the Student Hub.

Classroom Technology

The majority of general purpose teaching rooms have network access, SMART functionality and full AV/media installations.

University Timetabling Manager

Michelle McCann
Phone: 01524 384225

Timetable System Administrator

Amy Jackson
Phone: 01524 384365

Faculty Liaison Coordinators

For queries relating to the academic timetable, please contact the following Faculty Liaison Coordinators:

Chris Taylor-Caldwell (Timetabling Officer)
Fusehill Street, Carlisle
Phone: 01228 616076
Extension: 6076

Kristian Walker (Timetabling Administrative Assistant)
Fusehill Street, Carlisle
Phone: 01228 616361
Extension: 6361

Alanna Scobie (Timetabling Officer)
Fusehill Street, Carlisle
Phone: 01228 616 269
Extension: 6269

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