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Education students using their car to travel to placement may be eligible to claim a contribution towards the costs incurred through completion of a Travel Claim Form. For eligibility criteria, please see Travel and Subsistence

Health Students can complete a travel claim form by clicking here

Details of the amounts that can be claimed are:

Student's own car:

  • Driver only - 35 pence per mile
  • Driver plus one passenger - 55 pence per mile
  • Driver plus two passengers - 60 pence per mile
  • Driver plus three passengers - 65 pence per mile

Hire cars and cars where the driver is in receipt of a bursary:

  • Driver only - No contribution from the University
  • Driver plus one passenger - 20 pence per mile
  • Driver plus two passengers - 25 pence per mile
  • Driver plus three passengers - 30 pence per mile

Passengers cannot claim for travel costs.

Students Using Their Own Car

Students who use their own vehicle to travel to placements are responsible for ensuring that they have the following:

Students must complete a Student Insurance and MOT Check Form in order to be eligible to claim expenses when using their own car for travel to placement. Students will be required to complete a new form each academic year.

The University will undertake random checks of students' documentation and selected students will be notified by the University. Students selected for a spot check of their documents must provide the relevant supporting documents to their local Placement Unit. Students have 30 days to comply with a request; once this period has expired their expenses will be withheld.

Students using Hire Cars

In certain circumstances the University will meet the costs of providing students with a hire car through Enterprise Rent-a-Car, where there are no alternative cost effective means of transport available.

Students must be over 18 at the start of the hire period and have a full driving licence. Endorsements/points on a licence will not affect eligibility to use a hire car unless a driver is serving a ban.

When a hire car is approved the full cost of the hire of the vehicle will be met by the University for the agreed period of placement. Hire cars will only be approved on condition that the driver is willing to carry other named students as passengers.

The Placement Unit will place an online reservation for a vehicle with the hire firm. The student will then receive an e-mail notification to their University e-mail account giving details of the hire. If a vehicle is not returned at the end of the agreed hire period, the student will be liable for any additional costs arising.

Students are required to pay any motoring fines incurred during the hire period of the car. Students are responsible for returning the car with the fuel level specified by Enterprise at the start of the hire.

In the event of a breakdown, phone – 0800 316 0977

In the event of an accident or damage to an Enterprise hire car, the driver must do the following:

Where damage is caused to a vehicle which is not recoverable from a third party, the University may charge the driver the costs of repair, up to a maximum of the insurance excess (currently £500).

Use of hire cars by students to travel to placement and for personal use at evenings and weekends is covered by the University’s insurance policy, however students may wish to consider taking out their own personal accident cover as specialist medical cover is not included in the policy.

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Placement Policy Main Page

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