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Distant Placements


(Only available to Primary QTS students.)

The University provides a number of opportunities for student teachers to be placed at greater distance within the British Isles providing a wide and diverse range of experiences for students.

The University has to ensure that placements outside England do not jeopardise the need for the University to be compliant with the Department for Education (DfE) advice, informed by The Education (School Teachers' Qualifications) (England) Regulations 2019, which requires practical teaching experience for the purposes of ITT to take place wholly or mainly in England, or in schools administered by Service Children’s Education. The University therefore only allows students to undertake one placement outside England during the length of a course.

The availability of distant placements will vary from year to year. The following are an indication of locations that may be used; East London, Southend, Northern Ireland, Tyne & Wear, Isle of Man. All placements are subject to availability.


Learning in Harmony Trust

Subject to the satisfactory completion of a developing placement and the successful outcome of a selection process, North West students have the opportunity to complete their extending placement in conjunction with the Learning in Harmony Trust. Students wishing to pursue this opportunity are expected to be proactive and self-motivated and be able to work with pupils from wide and diverse backgrounds.

Briefings take place on both Carlisle and Lancaster Campus early in Semester one with interested students being invited to complete an application of interest with interviews taking place in the first half of Semester two. Students can find out more about the Learning in Harmony Trust by clicking here or by contacting Andrea Jones, University Partnership Tutor (UPT) with responsibility for the LIHT project at:

Isle of Man and Northern Ireland Placements

Only students with a home address in the following areas can opt for a placement there and are expected to live at their home address whilst on placement:

  • For Northern Ireland placements – must have an Ireland or Northern Ireland home address.
  • For Isle of Man – must have an Isle of Man home address.
    Students who are living with relatives or guardians whilst on placement will not be eligible for assistance with accommodation costs.

Students who are invited to attend a distant placement will be expected to be proactive and self-motivated in making and paying for their own travel and accommodation arrangements.

Students placed within travelling time of their normal permanent home address will not be offered assistance with accommodation costs.

Additional information for Undergraduate Students can be found here - Northern Ireland Distant Placement Undergrad Information

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