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Students may be eligible to claim some assistance with the costs of travel and subsistence as described below. This excludes students in receipt of a DfE bursary, following School Direct or SCITT programmes or undertaking re-sit or Northern Ireland placements.

When a student in receipt of a bursary gives a lift to a student who is not in receipt of a bursary, the driver is eligible to claim the mileage indicated below (under use of cars, including hire cars where the driver is in receipt of a bursary)

Students are responsible for arranging their own travel to and from placements. However on some occasions it may be financially viable for the University of Cumbria to provide transport for trainees.

The University will not reimburse the cost of taxi fares. Students will be expected to use the most cost effective type of ticket. For example discounts are available for weekly or monthly travel by bus or train.

Transport provided by the University

When transport is provided by the University the following conditions apply:

Completing Travel Claim Forms

In order to claim a contribution towards the costs of travel, Education students will need to submit a Travel Claim Form, Health Students can submit their forms by clicking here. Students claiming expenses for the first time, or if account details have changed since last making a claim for reimbursement must complete a student bank details form. Details of how to do this, along with the bank details form, can be obtained from our student finance page - Student Finance 

Please note that, when public transport is used, all tickets must be scanned and attached to the same e-mail as the claim form.

All travel expense claims for the academic year 2021/22 must be submitted within one month of completion of a placement and no later than Friday 8th July, 2022.

Students should use the following e-mails to submit their expenses:

All Students:

The University will base a student’s placement on either the student’s home address or the campus at which they are based. This is subject to the availability of a suitable placement.

When a student is allocated a placement based on their home address, but choose to travel from their campus address, they will not be eligible for the full cost of their travel. In this instance travel costs will only be reimbursed from their home address to their placement, providing this does not increase the costs of travel.

There will be some instances where it is not feasible for a student to get to a placement due to the lack of suitable public transport or any alternative. In this instance students should contact the University at least one week prior to the start of their placement, detailing the research they have conducted into travel solutions and asking for appropriate assistance. Assistance with transport arrangements will only be provided where the University confirms that there are no feasible alternatives.

Travel Claims FAQs

Am I Eligible to Claim?

Students are advised to read the Travel and Subsistence section of the ITE Placement, Travel and Accommodation policy.

Students in receipt of a DfE bursary, following School Direct or SCITT programmes or undertaking re-sit or Northern Ireland placements are unable to claim travel expenses.

How / When are Claims Paid?

All claims are paid by BACS to nominated accounts; students should register their bank details prior to submitting their first claim. To register bank details, students must complete a bank details form and send it to the University’s Accounts Payable Team at

Claims will be paid into nominated bank accounts on a Friday. Although the Placement Unit endeavours to pay all claims within 2 weeks of submission, at peak times such as the end of placement, Public and Christmas breaks payments can be delayed.

If payment dates fall on a Bank Holiday, payment will reach accounts the following working day.

How and When can I Claim?

Students can claim weekly, bi weekly or at the end of placement, but always within one month of their assessed placement completing and no later than Friday 8th July, 2022.

Where do I Submit my Travel Claim Form?

All claims are to be submitted in electronic format directly to the student’s campus Placement Unit.  The Placement Unit is unable to accept documentation submitted in hard copy.

On submission, students will receive an automated email confirming receipt to their UoC email account.

Please do not send claim form(s) directly to the University finance department as this significantly increases the amount of time it takes to process and reimburse the claim.

I’m having problems completing my claim form, who do I contact?

Our travel claim form is designed to work on most devices including mobile and tablet. Should you encounter any problems, further guidance can be obtained by contacting the Placement Unit on 

I’ve lost one of my tickets for public transport, can I still claim?

Unfortunately, the Placement Unit is unable to accept any claim not supported by the relevant tickets / evidence. 

Travel Claims for Students based in London

Students based at the London campus must purchase an 18+ Oyster Photocard when undertaking journeys via public transport that they intend to claim back from the University. 

When submitting travel claims paid for by an oyster card, the student must attach an electronic copy of a printout detailing the journeys they have made to and from placement. Claims will be reduced by 30% if an 18+ Oyster Photocard has not been used. Students must attach a scanned copy of their Oyster Photocard with the first student expenses claim they submit each academic year.

Travel Claim Guide

Student residencePlacement based on this addressExpenses that can be claimed
On campus / address local to campus Campus / address local to campus
  • Mileage from campus to school, or
  • cost of public transport from campus to school. 
On campus Home address
  • Mileage from home address to school, or
  • cost of public transport from home address to school.
At home Campus
  • Mileage from home to school less mileage from home to campus, or
  • cost of public transport from campus to school.
At home At home
  • Mileage to school less mileage from home to campus, or
  • cost of public transport from home to school.

Where can I find information about my school and how to get there?

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