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Student Accommodation


When a student is allocated a placement in excess of the maximum 90 minutes travel time, it may be necessary for the University to meet the costs of accommodation for a student. Students who are allocated a placement within 90 minutes travelling time of their normal permanent home address may also qualify for assistance with accommodation if it can be demonstrated that this would be cheaper than the travel costs that would have been incurred.

When the University deems it necessary to provide accommodation the University will:

  • Ask the student to source suitable accommodation priced at up to £50 per night which the University will then book and pay for directly. (Please note the accommodation must take payment by credit card). Students must find the most cost effective accommodation, but in the event that the £50 limit is unachievable students must contact the placement unit for further advice.

The University offers short term lets on its accommodation. It is advisable that students on a PGCE course consider this option especially those with a home address in the North West of England or Northern Ireland. This advice is based on the likely location of placements.

When a student requests accommodation, the student should contact the Placement Unit ( weeks prior to the start of their placement, detailing the research they have conducted into travel solutions and asking for appropriate assistance.

In all cases accommodation must be sourced in discussion and agreement with the Placement Unit. Students may be asked to provide a security deposit to be held whilst they are living in temporary accommodation.

Students for whom accommodation is provided will only be able to claim a contribution for travel costs incurred in travelling to placement from the temporary accommodation and will not be able to claim for meals, or other amenities. Please note students are still required to pay for their usual accommodation.

Students who are living with parents, guardians, relatives or friends whilst on placement will not be eligible for assistance with accommodation costs.

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