In 2017 the University of Cumbria turned ten years old, as part of this celebration we looked back to the wider histories of all our campus sites and celebrated with a timeline exhibition both physically on each campus and online. As part of the exhibition we commissioned video content, the video below was part of our Ambleside timeline.

The Ambleside Oral History Archive has a wealth of material relating to Ambleisde and the lake district. Charlotte Mason College, and now the University of Cumbria has been a huge part of the Ambleside community since its creation in 1892. The archive holds many wonderful extracts relating to college life over the years.

As part of our tenth-anniversary exhibition timeline in 2017 we commissioned student Lizzie Gilson to produce a film using extracts from the Ambleside Oral History Archive. Lizzie worked with the Ambleside Community Liaison Group, where kind volunteers agreed to read exerts from the archives. Lizzie set their voices to film and photographs from the Armitt Museum.

To view our full campus history timeline click here


Produced and directed by Lizzie Gilson


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