Discover what life was like during the 1980s at Charlotte Mason College

In the early 1980s Bill Percival was principal, he was succeeded by Dr John Thorley in 1983 and he remained principal for the next ten years.

The now infamous ‘airport lounge’ was built on campus in 1983, a one story flat roof building which connected Scale How to the Percival Lecture Theatre. The building was nicknamed ‘the airport lounge’ by the students, much to the annoyance of the staff as that is exactly what it resembled.

The building of the airport lounge was not without its controversy, huge white oak trees were cut down to make room for the building.  Not to mention the demolition of the much loved Wordsworth Steps which had been a part of campus since Scale How was first built as a private residence.

During the 1980s the Beehive was the very first building students came to on registration day as they filled out their registration forms there, this was a social space and common room and even had a pool table. The building was also, where students collected their post.

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