Discover what life was like at Charlotte Mason in the swinging sixties...

In the early 1960s, when the college was part of Manchester University, it became part of the national system of teacher training; Charlotte Mason came under Westmorland Education Authority.  It was a requirement that students should do their teaching practice in local authority schools therefore Fairfield practice school closed and the buildings became available for student accommodation.

In 1960 the first 'public' ladies attended, up until this point all students had to pay high fees.  Then in 1966 the very first men were enrolled, there were three men that year, they had to be married to enrol.

The college principal was Miss Hardcastle up until 1962 then Marjorie Boulton took over, the vice principal was Constance (known as Anne) Moreton (they were known collectively by the students as Boult and Mort). Other teachers during the sixties included: Rev. John P. Inman, Mr Almond (Art), Miss Bamber (Education), Miss Smith (Biology), Miss Ruth Fyson (Music), Miss Goalby, Miss Harrison (Geography), Mr Reece, Miss Pybus.

In 1967 Lancaster University established a Chair of Education and validated the CMC courses. Charlotte Mason’s books were no longer studied.

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