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DBA - Doctor of Business Administration

Our Doctorate level programme has been designed for senior executives and professionals with a track record in management seeking to develop their insight and expertise. This programme is equivalent in stature to a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), and provides learners with greater opportunities to undertake applied research that also contributes to the development of related theories and concepts.

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Course Overview

Choose your own independent research area in business, management and/or leadership which will enable you to strengthen and sustain your organisation and those who work in it, and to enhance engagement with other key stakeholders.

Develop your current knowledge of and skills in critical thinking, strategy-development and problem-solving and become part of a peer community of senior leaders sharing experience, gaining insight, and learning new business ideas, models, strategies and approaches ready to take back and action in the workplace.

On this course you will...

  • Design and implement a research project that explores a specific management, leadership, and/or collaboration question
  • Critically assess, select, and implement applied research methodologies and methods within complex organisational, leadership, collaboration contexts or more specific professional settings
  • Synthesise, interpret, and rigorously apply relevant theoretical frameworks and research findings in relation to complex business, management and leadership contexts and issues
  • Develop high-level analytical and conceptual skills, facilitating questioning and critical debate about established theoretical orthodoxy and challenges to such orthodoxy
  • Engage in and manage a process of high level critical reflective personal and professional development leading to the enhancement of your own professional practice within an organisational context or a specific domain
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Course Structure

What you will learn

Our Doctor of Business Administration (DBA) programme is based on a sustained, self-directed applied research project, supported by a collegial team of academic advisors, and reviewed and evaluated via seminars, workshops, and taught modules (encompassing formative and summative assessment), submission of a thesis and an oral defence.

Our DBA will be undertaken on a part-time basis and will typically take 4-5 years to complete.

  • Understanding Dynamic Business Contexts
  • Critical Thinking for Leadership & Collaboration
  • Developing an Applied Research Strategy
  • Advanced Research Methods
  • DBA Proposal and Plan
  • DBA Thesis

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