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MBA - Executive MBA

The Executive MBA qualification has been designed for candidates desiring to become effective, responsible business leaders in an increasingly global, complex and technology-driven world.

This course is not for people who like to sit still.

It is fast-moving, interactive and you will be challenged throughout to raise your business, management and leadership expertise.

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Course Overview

You will explore what it means to develop a leadership mentality as well as explore leadership and management theories.

Your leadership thinking will be challenged, you will engage with real businesses and develop purposeful, strategic leadership and business management thinking and skills.

The programme encourages a high degree of critical thinking and inquiry as well as the freedom to question theories and concepts presented. Modules are designed to create a mix of fast-paced interactive learning in groups, as well as more reflective, methodological learning to equip learners with the leadership and management tools they need to grow in their ability to impact their business environment effectively as well as and pursue personal growth.

On this course you will...

  • Develop critical reflection skills and engagement with organisational and professional theory to understand, and where appropriate, challenge existing individual and organisational perspectives and practice.
  • Develop, and where appropriate, apply innovation, entrepreneurial and design thinking.
  • Analyse and use data and current technologies to support leadership decisions and organisational improvement, change and business continuity.
  • Identify, develop and implement solutions to current issues such as the growing need to better manage supply chain as well as create more effective talent acquisition and retention solutions.
  • Develop particular expertise and understanding in the fields of global yet locally applied leadership.
  • Engage in individual research and demonstrate the ability to understand and apply management theory.
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Course Structure

What you will learn

You will learn how to lead a business or organisation from concept through to growth and impact.

You will acquire global leadership qualities and skills while learning how to use, implement and transform your local realities.

You will be encouraged to develop into an agile, well rounded and outward-looking business leader and manager with a high concern for customers and colleagues, capable of taking responsibility for yourself, your teams, your areas of responsibility within your organisation.

Across the leadership journey on this programme, candidates will engage with current, live business challenges presented to them from within the regional context as well as from further afield.

The programme is modular in that each module while in content stands alone, leads on to the next.

  • LEAD | Purposeful Leadership
  • INNOVATE | Entrepreneurial Leadership & Innovation
  • COLLABORATE | Influential Leadership
  • DELIVER | Performance Leadership
  • EXPAND | Data-driven Leadership
  • IMPACT | The Leader as coach and consultant, change catalyst

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