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Masters of Business Administration (London)

If you aspire to gain a high-level management position or becoming a successful entrepreneur, our Master of Business Administration (MBA) will open those doors for you to work anywhere in the world and ultimately prove that you are an expert within your industry.

Our intensive Master's degree is designed to integrate your own work-based learning and teach you the academic rigor, skills and ethics to become a leader in business management, who can think logically and independently

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Masters of Business Administration (London) cover image

Course Overview

You will graduate with a globally recognised MBA to prove your understanding of contemporary business and management principles as well as the current global issues that affect organisations.
It will provide you with all the knowledge you need to secure business sustainability and give you the confidence to make high-end business decisions and the capabilities to become a leader in your field.

An MBA is the primary management qualification for aspiring business leaders, giving you everything you need to progress your career to senior levels.

Our Master of Business MBA is affordable, flexible and provides the opportunity to be located in the central business district of our vibrant capital city.

On this course you will...

  • Immerse yourself in problem based learning which encompasses the current global economic climate and evolving management practices.
  • Develop important transferable skills such as portfolio creation, negotiation and leadership.
  • Work in our business school, where you will join like minded individuals to form a beneficial network.
  • Be supported by expert tutors, who are involved in international research, keeping your learning up to date.
  • Benefit from the strong links with regional businesses and partnerships nationally and internationally, boosting networking and employment prospects.
  • Gain credibility with a gold standard business degree.
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Course Structure

What you will learn

Our MBA programme is designed to integrate your own learning and development in a work-based situation into six core modules of academic theory and practice. You will complete individual and group-based assignments that will develop your knowledge and understanding of the materials covered and how these apply in an organisational context.

There will also be a case study/presentation project enabling you to apply a range of theories and knowledge to a real problem in your organisation, allowing you to reflect on your own management style and organisational performance.

  • Leadership & Organisation Behaviour
    Develop a critical awareness of leadership theories, models and research and their relationship and application to critical organisational behaviour concepts.
  • Strategic Thinking
    Explore contemporary strategic thinking and planning across a range of organisations.
  • Finance for Managers
    Develop a systematic and comprehensive knowledge of financial management, critically evaluating techniques which enable successful and innovative forecasting, control and evaluation of operational activity and strategic decision making.
  • Sustainability Issues in Business
    Explore sustainability in business and other organisational settings.
  • Marketing Planning
    Explore a broad scope of marketing activity.
  • Information and Operations
    Develop expertise in the role of management information systems and how they can influence and support the management of operations in an organisation.
  • Research Methods for Business and Management
    Develop the necessary research skills to devise and critically engage with an independent research project.
  • Independent Project (optional)
    An opportunity to engage in the process of business and management research through the undertaking of an independent project.
  • Dissertation (optional)
    An opportunity to engage in the process of business and management research through an extended piece of academic work.

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