Sickness and Absence

It is the responsibility of the individual student to:

  • Be aware of the Sickness & Absence Protocol
  • Comply with sickness/absence reporting procedures
  • Be aware of their attendance record e.g. keep their own record of attendance in a diary and discuss with their Personal Tutor;
  • Make efforts to maintain contact with the Placement Unit during periods of absence.
  • Take responsibility for their own health and take reasonable steps to ensure fitness for placement/University.

Students should be aware that failure to comply with the sickness/absence Protocol will result in the absence being recorded as Unauthorised.  Students who fail to comply with the sickness/absence protocol must attend a Progress Review Meeting.  The seconding Trust will be informed of the breach in protocol for all seconded students.

Accessing Sickness and Absence records

Students requiring details of their sickness/absence records can access these by accessing InPlace.

It is recommended that students also keep a note of their own sickness/absence to track how much time they have had off and to inform the discussion.  Any anomalies can then be identified and discussed with the Personal Tutor and remedial action agreed upon. Students have up to three months following the last day of a period of sickness/absence to query their record. Amendment requests will not be made after this point.

The University will only amend a student’s record upon information provided from a confirmed source:

  • Signed registers verify attendance at university. To amend a theory absence due to an unsigned register, the lecturer for the queried session must email to confirm the student’s attendance.
  • Timesheets signed by practice educators/ supervisors or mentors verify attendance on placement. Therefore please make sure your timesheets are kept up to date and are accurate as possible whilst on placement and are submitted promptly.

Students are not able to work off-duty days or annual leave entitlement to make up for absences.

When a student intercalates, any sickness/absences incurred during the period of the course before intercalation will remain on file.  These records will be added to any sickness/absences incurred after intercalation, to give an overall total at the end of the course.

Course and Professional Body requirements

Students need to complete sufficient hours to meet the course and professional bodies’ requirements e.g. Nursing & Midwifery Council and the Health and Care Professions Council. Attendance records are also used by Personal Tutors to inform the writing of references at the end of the course. The following process needs to be followed and completed for every period of absence;

Step 1 - Open the absence

For absences from University sessions: Telephone the Absence line 01524 590816 (It is possible to leave a voicemail message at any time of day or night all year round) before 12 noon on the first day of absence.

Information required from the student:

Name, Student Number, First day of the absence, Reason for absence (absences for personal reasons must also be notified to personal tutors), How long the absence is likely to continue and the experience being missed i.e.  Placement/University

For absences from placements:

Telephone the Absence line 01524 590816 before 12 noon on the first day of absence. Provide the same information as listed above. Telephone the placement setting as early as possible before the scheduled start time to inform them of the absence. Seconded students must also inform their Trust.

Step 2 - Close the absence

Students must telephone the Sickness and Absence line 01524 590816 on the day they are well and fit to return to university or placement even if this is during an off duty day. In addition, students must also telephone their placement location to let them know they are fit to return.

Step 3 - Officially record the absence

Complete a self-certification within 10 working days of the absence. Any absences not relating to illness must be approved by a student’s Personal Tutor. In the event that an absence is for more than seven days, students must also submit a 'Statement of Fitness to Work' certificate from their doctor. Seconded students should submit their Statement of Fitness to Work form to the Trust, but must also provide a photocopy to the Placement Unit at the University.

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