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Health Students: Travel Information


The NHS Business Services Authority are responsible for any decisions about whether a claim should be paid or not, the University has no control over this process. Students are advised to contact the NHS Business Services Authority if they are in any doubt about what they are able to claim. It is recommended that students contact the NHS Business Services Authority before incurring any expense.

Students who use their own vehicle to travel to placements are responsible for ensuring that they have the following:

  • Appropriate insurance
  • Valid MOT
  • Valid licence
  • Valid car tax

NHS Trust Claims/Funding Support

Travel and Dual Accommodation Expenses

Travel by Taxi

NHS Learning Support Fund

Exceptional Support Fund

Insurance Cover Information

Students must ensure that they have adequate insurance cover for travel to and from placement so that no liability is placed on the University or any placement provider (including the NHS and local authorities).

Students must check with their insurance company that they have adequate cover for the following:

  • to use their own car and drive to their place of study. This should include driving to a placement that is not their normal place of study and, where necessary, between different placement settings;
  • to use their own car during placement in order to visit and treat patients/clients in their own home, which can entail carrying a small bag with equipment/dressings in;
  • carrying other students.

Students must also ensure that their insurance cover is not invalidated by the receipt of a contribution towards travel costs or by carrying passengers.

Use of Hire Cars

***Please note that due to the national shortage of hire vehicles at present, the University and Enterprise may not be able to fulfil your request***

The NHS Business Services Authority guidance states;

“Students are expected to travel by the cheapest form of transport available where it is reasonably practical to do so.”

In some instances, students are able to claim for the use of a hire car. This generally covers instances where public transport is not available due to the location of the placement or due to shift work making the use of public transport impossible, or a car is required for community travel within the working day and you are unable to share with an educator. Students should visit the NHS Business Services website to check what costs can be claimed.

The University offers students the opportunity to use a hire car booked via Enterprise rent a car. In order to book a car students must give five working days notice. To book a car students must complete a Hire Car Request Form. The University will issue an invoice to students at the end of the hire period that covers the cost of the hire. Students must then claim the amount from the NHS Business Service Authority to pay the invoice. The University accepts no liability should the NHS Business Service Authority refuse to pay a claim, it is important that students check that a claim will be paid before making a booking or incurring any costs.

Students must be over 18 at the start of the hire period and have a full driving licence. Endorsements/points on a licence will not affect eligibility to use a hire car unless a driver is serving a ban.

The Placement Unit will place an online reservation for a vehicle with the hire firm. The student will then receive an e-mail notification to their University e-mail account giving details of the hire. If a vehicle is not returned at the end of the agreed hire period, the student will be liable for any additional costs arising.

Students are required to pay any motoring fines incurred during the hire period of the car. Students are responsible for returning the car with the fuel level specified by Enterprise at the start of the hire.

In the event of Breakdowns and Incidents

In the event of a breakdown, phone – 0800 316 0977

In the event of an accident or damage to an Enterprise hire car, the driver must do the following:

  • Avoid admitting liability e.g. don’t say that was my fault.
  • Assess the damage.
  • Phone the Placement Unit informing them about the incident as soon as it is safe to do so: 01228 279 289
  • Phone Enterprise Hire Car (contact the branch who delivered car, details can be found on top of the rental contract or call 0800 800 227)
  • Phone Gallagher Bassett Claims Line number 03330 156 446 (Option 1 followed by Option 1) to advise them of the accident. Quote certificate number Y131226FLT01 and advise that you are a University of Cumbria student.
  • Complete an accident report and e-mail within 48 hours of the accident to and

Where damage is caused to a vehicle which is not recoverable from a third party, the University may charge the driver the costs of repair, up to a maximum of the insurance excess (currently £500).

Use of hire cars by students to travel to placement and for personal use at evenings and weekends is covered by the University’s insurance policy, however students may wish to consider taking out their own personal accident cover as specialist medical cover is not included in the policy.

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