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Guidance for Appropriate Dress and Appearance

Students on placement are ambassadors of the University of Cumbria. The Uniform policy and dress code are to ensure that all Students project a professional appearance, promote public confidence and maintain professional accountability. Students must not travel to and from placement in their uniform. If undertaking a community placement a coat or fleece must be worn to cover the tunic/polo shirt. This will ensure the health, safety and welfare of staff and patients.

Non-Compliance with Uniform and Dress Protocol

In the event that a student is considered to be inappropriately dressed by their supervisor, assessor, educator, placement area staff, Practice Educator Facilitator or University staff member, the student will be given guidance on what action to take, in the event that appropriate adjustments cannot be made the student will be required to leave the placement setting. Any time spent away from a placement setting as a result of inappropriate uniform and/or appearance will be recorded as an authorised absence. The student must then recoup any time missed. The breach of protocol will be recorded by a student’s personal tutor on their placement record.

In the event that a student wears their uniform out of duty hours this will also be classed as a breach of protocol, with a note made on the student’s placement record.

Should a second breach of uniform and dress protocol occur this will be classed as unprofessional conduct which will result in a disciplinary meeting being instigated by the Personal Tutor/University.

Appropriate Dress Code

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Uniform Exemptions

Additional Uniform Requests

Maternity Wear

Laundering of Uniforms

Uniform & Appearance Guidance

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