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Taking temporary accommodation and claiming the cost 

On occasion it may be necessary for students to stay in temporary accommodation during their placement For example, when a student is unable to drive and using public transport in some rural areas of Cumbria, and Lancashire, it can make it difficult to access placements.  

Students may be able to claim back the cost of accommodation from the NHS Business Service Authority Learning Support Fund, details can be found here. 

The NHS Business Services Authority guidance states: “As part of the Travel and Dual Accommodation Expenses (TDAE) arrangements, you may be able to claim the cost of taking temporary accommodation near to your practice placement site if it is not possible or practical for you to travel there from your normal term time address on a daily basis.” 

Can the university cover the up-front cost? 

The University may be able to cover the upfront costs of any accommodation that a student is eligible to reclaim from the NHS Business Service Authority Learning Support Fund 

To be able to provide this service to students the Placement Unit needs to apply the following criteria to booking requests: 

  • Booking requests must be made no earlier than 4 weeks before your confirmed placement start date, or the date the accommodation is required if you are not booking for the entire placement block. 
  • Bookings will not be accepted with less than 7 days’ notice.
  • Payments can only be made by credit card – please ensure this payment option is accepted before submitting the booking request. 
  • Reason for requesting the Placement Unit covers your upfront cost(iThe journey to placement is more than 90 mins one way. (This time limit is based on a one-way journey from the campus where a student is based, their home address or term time address whichever is nearest to the placement) or (ii) it is not possible or practical to travel by public transport from your registered address (home or term time). 

To request accommodation booking via the Placement Unit you must complete an Accommodation Request Form.   

The University will issue an invoice to students at the end of their stay in the accommodation that covers the cost incurred. Students must then claim the amount from the NHS Business Service Authority Learning Support Fund to pay the invoice 

Important information 

  • The University accepts no liability should the NHS Business Service Authority Learning Support Fund refuse to pay a claim, it is important that students check that a claim will be paid before making a booking or incurring any costs. 
  • Failure to repay the cost of previous bookings will result in students being unable to use the accommodation booking service.  
  • Failure to use money claimed from the NHS Business Service Authority Learning Support Fund to repay accommodation costs will result in disciplinary action, under the Declaration of Good Health and Good Character.  
  • Please note any purchases made sit under Student Financial Regulations and may impact on graduation and award. Please be aware of the time it takes to claim money back via the NHS Business Service Authority Learning Support Fund Learning Support Fund to reimburse the University and ensure you respond to any communication from finance related to payment before making requests towards the end of your course.   
  • Students are required to pay any damage or miscellaneous costs during their stay. The University does not accept liability for any loss or damage which occurs as a result of a student staying in temporary accommodation. Students are responsible for ensuring accommodation is vacated on time and left in a satisfactory state. 

If you have any queries, please email 


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