These courses focus on broad project management knowledge and skills across the project lifecycle. Individual course pages provide further details about course content, learning objectives and booking arrangements.


Short Courses

Project Management Key Concepts

This course provides participants with an introductory overview of the key activities, processes and benefits of project management to prepare participants for future work or qualifications in the subject. Participants will explore the features of project work including planning and scheduling, stakeholder engagement and risk management.


Introduction to Managing Scope

This course provides participants with an introductory knowledge of scope management activities and processes. Participants are introduced to the tools and techniques for establishing and managing the scope baseline, and gain an understanding of the importance of scope management in delivering successful projects.


Stakeholder Engagement and Communication

This course has been designed to provide participants with an understanding of how to manage stakeholder engagement and communications within the project environment. The course will provide participants with a standard set of tools and techniques which will be explored during the course through a range of project and programme-based exercises.


Project Simulations

These two interactive and comprehensive courses provide a suite of project simulations which have been developed with input from industry and client experts to provide project managers with greater insight into project delivery. Participants will work through simulations with a focus on Project Controls activities and Project Leadership (SIM1), SIM 2 allows participants to experience both stakeholder and crisis management through a series of project simulations.


Introduction to Project Commissioning and Pre-Operations

The course provides participants with an understanding and introduction to how commissioning and pre-operations work throughout the project lifecycle. The course incorporates a range of interactive activities allowing participants to gain an insight into how commissioning and pre-operations activities are instrumental to project delivery and how these areas operate collaboratively with other project functions.


Professional Qualifications

APM Project Fundamentals Qualification (PFQ)

The APM Project Fundamentals Qualification is designed to provide participants with an awareness of the fundamental principles of project management. This course is delivered in accordance with the Association for Project Management’s Body of Knowledge and covers the syllabus for the APM Project Fundamentals examination.


APM Project Management Qualification (PMQ)

The APM Project Management Qualification (PMQ), is an internationally recognised qualification developed by APM, the chartered body for the project profession. The APM PMQ provides participants with a broad understanding of good project management practice in line with the APM's Body of Knowledge and an understanding of key principles. The course covers a number of key areas including: risk management, quality management and stakeholder engagement.


AgilePM® Foundation and Practitioner

AgilePM® Foundation and Practitioner is an APMG certified programme delivered back to back as a five day block. The foundation level qualification provides participants with the underpinning principles of the Agile philosophy and how the different techniques can be applied to projects. Participants who successfully complete the Foundation level assessment will proceed to the Practitioner level. This advanced qualification measures whether participants have sufficient knowledge and understanding of the Agile Project Management guidance to apply and adapt it to different situations.


Higher Education Courses

University Certificate in Project Scope Baseline Management

Managing projects to the agreed scope, time, budget and quality requirements is essential to industry. This course looks at this in terms of projects within a programme environment in order to maximise the benefits from the project. Students will gain knowledge in relation to best practice in project scope management and baseline establishment and management.

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Foundation Degree in Project Management

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