Our chaplaincy team provides a safe place, a listening ear and personal support to all students and staff, regardless of their beliefs.

Revd. Beverley Locke, Honorary Chaplain

Phone: 07811 385702

Revd Caroline Kennedy

Tel: 01228 616184

Revd. Caroline Kennedy, Chaplain

I’m the newest member of the team in Carlisle, and am really looking forward to meeting staff and students, and to learning about the different campuses.

Before training to be a priest in the Church of England, I had a ‘normal’ life (!), working as a French teacher in large comprehensive schools, and having two children. I loved teaching: seeing progress and building relationships with young people. I’ve also worked as an Ecumenical Chaplain for Northumbria University and Carlisle College, and taught French in primary schools. At the moment, I still work part- time as chaplain in a large Church secondary school, and have a very clear sense of the demands (and enjoyment), for staff and students there. Most of my life has been bound up with education, and I believe passionately in its presence, and in its power to transform lives and communities.  I also understand something of its pressures: those of working as an employee of educational institutions, and those of trying to meet deadlines as a student. (I’m still studying!)

I think of chaplaincy in a university setting as being very much to do with connections and building bridges.  I believe there are strong and obvious links between education and the exploration of faith; in terms of the pursuit of truth and justice and the promotion of open and questioning minds. I see chaplains in this setting as people who will walk alongside staff and students, supporting them in their work, searches, growth and struggles, as well as providing spaces and places for exploration, worship, reflection and community.

I hope to meet you! My office is in the Blencathra building, close to Reception on Fusehill St campus, and once term is underway, I’ll be out and about. I love talking to people, so do say hi if I don’t say it first!

Email: caroline.kennedy@cumbria.ac.uk 
Phone: 01228 616184

Revd Alexandra Logan, Chaplaincy Co-ordinator

My name is Alex and I am the Church of England Chaplain based in Lancaster. My role is 'Coordinating Chaplain’ which means that I have oversight of chaplaincy provision at all of our campuses from Carlisle to London! Luckily, I have great colleagues who will help you access chaplaincy services, whichever campus you are on.

My initial training was as a youth and community worker at St Martin's College (now our Lancaster campus). I completed my ministry training at Ridley Hall in Cambridge and was Vicar of St James the Less Church in Bethnal Green, London, for seven years.

Whether you are a student or a member of staff, my door is open to you and you will no doubt see me around campus. I do like it when people stop me for a chat! I am here for the big questions of life or just for a little natter and I won’t care whether you have years of faith commitment or none at all.

Email: alexandra.logan@cumbria.ac.uk
Phone: 01524 385689 (ext. 5689)

Ilyas Patel, Hon. Muslim Chaplain

Contact Ilyas

Email: zeilyaspatel@yahoo.co.uk
Phone: 01524 385689

Nawaz Munshi, Hon. Muslim Chaplain

Contact Nawaz

Email: nawaz@sultanoflancaster.com
Phone: 01524 385689

Revd Richard Bray, Hon. Chaplain

Hi, I’m Richard, your Church of England chaplain for the London campus. I became a Christian while I was a student, when my friends persuaded me to look at the evidence that Jesus rose from the dead.

After a few years working for a media company, I’ve been in full-time church work for a number of years and am now pastor (from September 2014) of St Anne’s Church, Limehouse. I’d love to hear from you, whether you want to chat about a pastoral matter or discuss the big questions of life.

Email: richard.bray@stanneslimehouse.org
Phone: 07798 940 554