Approved Suppliers

The University of Cumbria, like most universities, operates in a devolved manner. Faculties and Services have responsibility for their own budgets and a fair degree of autonomy in spending that money. However, teams also have to spend their budgets with 'approved' suppliers.

An approved supplier is considered to be 'a supplier which has been successful in a University or a consortium tender exercise, or for some substantial reason have earned the right to the title of 'approved', and to whom ongoing University business for contracted items should be directed'.

The majority of goods and services purchases made are in accordance with contracts following tenders created either by the University, through the North Western Universities Purchasing Consortium (NWUPC), in collaboration with a number of regional HE consortia, or via the OGC and other like-minded public sector organisations.

Tendering for large contracts

University of Cumbria contracts which exceed the European thresholds for public sector procurement are tendered through the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) and in accordance with OJEU regulations. Large value contracts which do not exceed the thresholds for OJEU tendering are awarded through a competitive tender process, in line with the University's Procurement Policy and Financial Regulations.

All University of Cumbria tenders, whether OJEU or otherwise, are conducted via the University's portal on the In-Tend e-tendering system. Suppliers who wish to be considered for future University contracts are encouraged to register their details in full on the University's In-Tend portal, to receive notification when relevant tenders are advertised. Tenders can also be accessed using Contracts Finder by clicking here.

Terms and Conditions of Purchase

All contracts that the University of Cumbria enters into are subject to the terms and conditions of the University.

For Procurement, contracts fall into two types; contracts for the purchase of goods and services, and contracts for the purchase of consultancy and professional services; which are subject to different terms and conditions.

Please ensure you are in receipt of an official University of Cumbria purchase order number before fulfilling any orders for the University. Failure to provide the corresponding order number on your invoice may result in your payment being delayed.

VAT and VAT Exemption

The University of Cumbria's VAT Registration Number is GB 915 7390 11

As an exempt charity, the University is entitled to claim certain VAT exemptions. This includes reduced-rated or zero-rated supplies for the following goods and services:

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