Leading Projects to Success

Leading Projects to Success is an integrated development programme which helps organisations to grow project delivery capability. It complements technical project skills training by focusing on people and leadership.


Duration: Six days in three blocks over approximately 9 months
Delivery format: Traditional classroom


The programme starts with a two day block which aims to establish a foundation of communication, collaboration skills and the techniques required for project working. This session provides participants with a greater awareness of communication and collaboration styles and an increased confidence to enter new types of successful conversations with stakeholders and team members.

The second block of three days, about a month after the first, is an advanced team and leadership workshop. It aims to further develop participants' leadership skills to take them from a manager to a leader, and provides participants with an understanding of how they can build stronger relationships and collaborate with their own teams and wider stakeholders.

The final one-day block at the end of the programme reinforces and embeds the learning from the programme and acts as a catalyst for further leadership development. Participants reflect on their own leadership and behaviours to see the progress they have made. They also consider how they can make their continuing leadership development self-supporting. From a team perspective, participants will embed their leadership behaviours and effectively lead their teams.

Who is it for?

This programme is aimed at all leaders working within a project team setting who have responsibility for the delivery of a project.

Course content

Learning objectives

At the end of this course participants will be able to:

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