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BA (Hons) - International Business Management (integrated foundation year)

All businesses need to be aware of the wider international environment in which they and their diverse stakeholders operate. The business environment is increasingly impacted by global issues, whether businesses operate globally or not.

Our international business management foundation degree explores this international business context and how it impacts and shapes the way business is conducted and how organisations develop and thrive.

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The Chartered Institute of Marketing

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Course Overview

Our foundation course will provide you with a solid foundation of essential university skills and business acumen needed to progress to our degree-level programme.

On our course you'll learn to critically evaluate the relationships between international business strategy and operational needs, how to provide creative and innovative solutions through the essential attributes of management and leadership.

We will teach you to contextualise business management and practice across a range of public, private, and third stream organisations in local, regional, national, international, and global contexts.

In addition to studying at our Lancaster campus, you can also choose to study at our collaborative partner FAME based in Malaysia.

On this course you will...

  • Gain awareness of the broader contexts and sphere of influence within which international business operates.
  • Study and practise international business management drawing on a range of perspectives in the fields of international marketing, strategic management, entrepreneurship and international human resources.
  • Develop your critical thinking, conceptual thinking and reasoning skills relating to international business and management.
  • Enhance your employability, career potential and personal effectiveness.
  • Develop your ability to carry out independent research in the field of business and management.
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Course Structure

What you will learn

You'll get a firm grasp of the fundamentals of international business and communication in small, medium, and large organisations with sound knowledge. But you won't just learn theoretically about business - you'll be doing it. Our innovative teaching can bolster your international business practice - and especially cross-cultural boundaries - because you'll find yourself leading a lecture, or turning the classroom into a boardroom, giving you every opportunity to build your business confidence.

Year one
  • Essential University Skills One
    Develop the academic and professional skills required for effective learning and successful progression through your chosen course.
  • Contemporary Issues and the Media
    Explore a range of contemporary issues through the lens of the media that relates to your subject area.
  • Business Innovation
    Develop your own business idea and explore the interaction between different business disciplines to ensure success in profit and non-profit making organisations.
  • Essential University Skills Two
    Further develop the skills acquired in Essential University Skills 1.
  • Leading and Managing Individuals and Organisations
    An introduction to key concepts in leadership and management.
  • Individual Case Study
    Undertake an individual given case study using a problem based approach.
Year two
  • Managing People and Organisations
    Gain the necessary skills and confidence to be successful within a business and management setting.
  • The Business Environment
    Develop an understanding of the nature and formats of business organisations in the modern, market type economy and how they operate within the legal and economic framework.
  • Introduction to Business Finance
    Develop your knowledge and understanding of how to prepare and process basic financial accounting information.
  • Fundamentals of Business
    Learn about business; its scope, nature, types, management functions, systems, leadership, range and challenges and how they relate to stakeholder responsibilities.
  • Principles of Marketing
    Learn about the importance of marketing’s role in driving success and delivering results.
  • Management Accounting
    Develop knowledge and understanding of how to prepare and process basic cost and management accounting information to support management in planning and decision-making in a variety of business contexts.
Year three
  • Organisational Behaviour
    An introduction to the study of human behaviour within organisations, evaluating and analysing the impact on organisational behaviour in a range of geographical contexts.
  • Responsibility, Ethics and Sustainability in Practice
    Develop an understanding and command of the linkages between environmental, economic and social sustainability issues, corporate social responsibility (CSR) and the global business environment.
  • Global Systems Business and Culture
    Evaluate and analyse the range of global business systems, cultures and behaviours.
  • Services Marketing
    Explore the theoretical development and underpinning of marketing as related to service sector industries.
  • Managing Operations
    Explore the principle, nature and scope of the operations and functions in both services and products organisations.
  • International Economics
    Develop an understanding of how global forces can alter and shape an economy, and how international organisations can control these factors.
Year four
  • Strategic Analysis
    Develop an understanding and command of strategic concepts related to organisations, including strategic choices, analysis and formulation.
  • International Marketing
    Learn to appraise current international marketing theories.
  • Applied Business Research and Analysis (optional)
    Explore and evaluate a range of research methods for business management.
  • Independent Project (optional)
    Initiate, plan, research, sustain and evaluate an extended piece of independent intellectual work based on individual initiative.
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship (optional)
    Understand the nature and significance of small businesses within different sectors, and analyse the entrepreneurial nature of successful small business development.
  • Global Business (optional)
    Critically analyse how global businesses and globalisation impacts on the way companies operate.
  • International Human Resource Management (optional)
    Evaluate human resources in domestic and international contexts.

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