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BA (Hons) - User-Experience and User-Interface (UX/UI) Design

If you are looking to hone your UX/UI Design skills and gain knowledge in the creative field, then studying at the University of Cumbria is the perfect choice. You will learn how to create user-friendly digital products or services, as well as how to enhance the user experience of existing products. The programme also fosters critical thinking and research skills, equipping you with the tools to apply research and evaluation to your UX/UI Design projects. The University of Cumbria’s BA(Hons) User-Experience and User-Interface (UXUI) Design programme will offer you the opportunity to study a range of topics, from the creative application of UX/UI Design to the development of practical approaches to design and user-centred research. You will be able to develop your understanding of the role UX/UI Design plays in creating user-friendly digital products and services and learn how to apply research and evaluation in your UX/UI Design projects.


User-Experience and User-Interface (UX/UI) Design cover image

Course Overview

Learning in this program feels like a constant process of discovery. You'll uncover the intricacies of UX/UI Design and its direct impact on crafting digital products and services that cater to user needs. This isn't just theoretical knowledge – it's hands-on experience that allows you to experiment, innovate, and apply your skills to real-world scenarios.

You'll be encouraged to think critically and approach design challenges with a researcher's mindset. This means diving deep into user-centred research, understanding their perspectives, and incorporating their feedback into your projects. Through this, you'll not only refine your design skills but also develop a holistic understanding of how to create meaningful user experiences.

On this course you will...

  • Learn how to create user-friendly digital products and services, which are essential skills in today's technology-driven world. The programme offers a comprehensive curriculum that focuses on refining your skills in UX/UI Design.
  • Be equipped with the knowledge and techniques to enhance the user experience of existing products and services. This is a critical aspect of modern design, as businesses strive to provide seamless and enjoyable interactions for their users.
  • Learn how to apply research methodologies and evaluation techniques to your UX/UI Design projects, ensuring that your designs are based on solid evidence and user feedback.The programme fosters critical thinking and research skills.
  • Have access to a variety of resources, including 3D workshops, digital and analogue photography facilities, and user AV resources. These resources enrich your learning experience and provide you with hands-on opportunities to explore different aspects of design.
  • Be able to expand your network and gain valuable insights into the industry. The programme encourages collaboration and professional engagement. Guest speakers from the industry regularly visit, providing insights into real-world practices and bridging the gap between academia and the professional world.

Course Structure

What you will learn

The programme offers a comprehensive exploration of designing digital products and services with user-friendliness at its core. This structured three-level programme explores creative applications, practical methodologies, research techniques, and critical thinking within the dynamic realm of UX/UI Design. The programme is designed with hands-on experience as its foundation, fostering a culture of collaboration that mirrors professional settings and nurtures essential teamwork aptitude. The integration of Work Integrated Learning ensures a seamless alignment of the programme with students' future vocations and aspirations.

The programme promotes an in-depth understanding of UX/UI Design concepts, contextual dynamics, research methodologies, analytical knowledge, and tangible skills. Graduates emerge with a solid understanding, specialised proficiencies, and the self-assurance to excel in careers spanning UX/UI Design and beyond, or to embark on further academic studies.

Year one

In year one students cultivate foundational skills essential to UX/UI Design. Strategic thinking, manipulation of design elements, and adept usage of digital tools mark this stage. Understanding the nuanced language of UX/UI Design and its application in forging compelling user experiences is emphasised. Successful completion of Level 4 enhances students' prowess in dissecting and evaluating UX/UI Design solutions.

  • Introducing Visual Communication
  • Introduction to UX Design
  • Digital Skills and Technologies for the Web
  • Cultural Contexts
  • Collaborative Practice
Year two

Year two, the programme widens its scope to encompass the holistic context of the UX/UI Design industry. Here, you will grapple with legal, ethical, and contextual dimensions of the field. Critical evaluation of projects is coupled with an exploration of the multifaceted role of the UX/UI designer and the paramount role of research in shaping the creative trajectory. Level 5 encourages you to combine your insights into a tangible portfolio in preparation for your final year.

  • Digital Studio
  • User Experience in a Connected World
  • Competition Response
  • User Behaviour and Interactive data visualization
  • UX Studio Project
Year three

In year three the programme empowers students to immerse themselves in self-assigned projects, project management, and industry networking, further enhancing expertise. Specialisation beckons in areas such as user research, interaction design, visual aesthetics, and beyond, with trends like artificial intelligence and virtual reality on the itinerary. The culmination of Level 6 involves curating a portfolio showcasing your UX/UI Design projects, underpinned by the application of communication theory across diverse scenarios. The successful completion of Level 6 gives you not only with competence but also with the conviction to embark on enriching careers in UX/UI Design, related trajectories, autonomous projects, or further academic studies

  • Collaborative Response
  • Independent Research Paper
  • Final Major Project

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