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BA (Hons) - Fine Art

You want to pursue your passion and develop your ideas into an exciting and fulfilling creative practice. Working in bespoke studios and workshops, our Bachelor of Fine Art degree will help you to acquire and hone your art-making skills.

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Course Overview

On this Fine Art course, you’ll develop knowledge and skills across the Fine Art disciplines of drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, ceramics, photography, filmmaking and digital media. You’ll have easy access to fabrication facilities in metal, wood and ceramic, as well as our print studio, darkroom and audio/visual labs. Tutors, who are all practising artists, will support and inspire your studio practice with a historical, theoretical and critical understanding of Fine Art.

You’ll learn entrepreneurial skills and be encouraged to exhibit locally and nationally throughout your studies. You will visit galleries of note, may create and run your own space in Carlisle as well as curate and organise numerous public exhibitions of your work – gaining essential professional experience.

You’ll graduate from our Fine Art degree with the skills and confidence to make a significant contribution to the artistic and cultural landscape.

On this course you will...

  • Study inter-disciplinary skills, learning ALL the techniques you need to become a brilliant artist. Including sculpture drawing, painting & printmaking, photography, filmmaking, and even performance.
  • Be assigned a generous studio space on campus with access to specialist resources and equipment.
  • Take part in Student Exhibitions from day one: Year 0 Exhibition, First Year Drawing Exhibition, Three Minute Film Festival, Seconds Out and a Final Year Degree Show.
  • Explore external exhibitions and artistic spaces. Our students run exhibitions across the city, arrange events and run workshops, contributing to the creative and cultural life of Carlisle.

Course Structure

What you will learn

You will develop an awareness of contemporary fine art practices and hone your ability to make, critique and discuss your work and that of others. Our close-knit and supportive community will inspire your creativity and shape your individual practice.

Year one

In your first year you will focus on the development of your skills across all Fine Art disciplines with practical work playing an important role in informing art theory, as well as critical and historic perspectives.

  • Materials and Methods
    An introduction to the tools and skills needed to make art work(s).
  • Cultural Contexts
    Introduction to the cultural, historical, and social contexts in which creative work from a range of disciplines will be discussed, examined, and analysed.
  • Application
    Develop a personal Fine Art practice in response to the module brief(s), by means of studio practice & contextual research.
  • Collaborative Practice
    Work with other students to explore and practise the skills involved in creative collaboration.
  • Collaborative Brief
Year two

In your second year, you will develop your skills and address professional fine art practice and current issues. Plus, you will curate and organise a public exhibition of your work, gaining essential professional experience.

  • Enquiry 1
    Learn to direct your own work and develop an awareness of your activity in practical, intellectual, and critical terms as part of the overall process of art-making.
  • Intersections
    Explore Postmodern and Contemporary issues in Fine Art.
  • Enquiry 2
    Develop independent working strategies underpinned by reflective, critical, and theoretical practice.
  • The Professional Self
    Develop the necessary practical skills to present yourself and your work professionally and positively.
Year three

Your final year centres around a curated degree show, where you put your artistic and professional practice skills to the test.

  • Practice 1
    Hone your strategies of research in making and thinking.
  • Independent Research Paper
  • Practice 2
    Carry out a self-designed, in-depth, and investigative personal project. The culmination of this module will be the public Degree Show for all final year students.

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