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BA (Hons) - Primary and Early Years Education (3-11) with QTS

Do you have the drive to change lives for the better? Want to inspire the next generation of learners? We’ll equip you with the training to make a difference as a passionate and enthusiastic primary and early years teacher. And, because the programme has QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) built-in, you can apply for a position as a teacher the minute you graduate.

The University of Warwick provides accreditation for the QTS element of this University of Cumbria programme.

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OFSTED Rated 'Good' 2023:

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Department for Education

Course Overview

You’ll explore how children engage with the curriculum and examine a range of areas of school practice via focused modules. This will develop your knowledge, understanding and pedagogy, so you can make a positive contribution to young children’s lives.

You’ll learn about education in a variety of settings, and will spend at least 24 weeks working in school-based placements. There will also be opportunities to work with local children in our campus-based facilities, including an Early Years outdoor classroom.

Your supportive tutors have a wealth of teaching experience and good links with local schools. Optional international trips will further bolster your planning skills.

On this course you will...

  • Achieve Qualified Teacher Status upon completion.
  • Spend at least 24 weeks working with children in school-based placements, both locally and farther afield.
  • Train to teach children aged 3-11 years, a uniquely broad catchment that gives you a wealth of diverse experience.
  • Be taught in small groups with lots of opportunities to collaborate with your peers and tutors.
  • Boost your employability in the education sector by studying an enhancement theme.

Course Structure

What you will learn

During this course, you'll explore how children between the ages of 3 and 11 learn. You'll explore the curriculum, specialisms and pedagogy, so you can make a positive contribution to young children's lives by delivering engaging lessons and life-changing support.


This course is structured to equip you to become an inspiring and dynamic teacher, delivering modules that lead you through curriculum teaching, key theoretical work and placement work.

Year one
  • Investigating Learning and Teaching 1: Learning and Teaching and Research
    Written research project analysing learning and teaching theory.
  • Introducing EYFS and the Curriculum Carousel
    Portfolio of work centred around the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework and an introduction to the Curriculum Carousel.
  • Introducing Curriculum Carousel
    Portfolio assignment focussing on the Curriculum Carousel.
  • Pedagogy through Specialism: Teaching and Learning
    Portfolio Assessment with an emphasis on specialisms in the teaching and learning context.
  • Beginning to Teach English
    Introduction to teaching English at Early Years and Primary.
  • Beginning to Teach Maths
    Introduction to teaching Mathematics at Early Years and Primary.
  • Beginning Placement
    Hands-on placement within a school environment.
  • The Cumbria Teacher of Reading: Beginning
    Execution of reading list, which forms contributions to group work, placement knowledge and taught sessions.
Year two
  • Pedagogy through Specialism: Gathering and Using Information to Enhance Learning and Teaching
    Further development of pedagogy through specialism module.
  • Developing EYFS and Curriculum Carousel
    Continued development of Early Years Foundation Stage Framework and the Curriculum Carousel.
  • Developing Curriculum Carousel
    Continued study of Curriculum Carousel
  • Pedagogy through Specialism: Learning Environments
    Development of pedagogy through specialism module, with an emphasis on the impact of learning environments.
  • Investigating Learning and Teaching 2: Inclusion
    Study into inclusion in educational settings.
  • Writing and Creativity
    Introduction to writing and creativity in the educational setting of 3-11 year olds.
  • Developing Maths
    Development of Teaching Maths module.
  • Developing Placement
    Second-year in-school placement.
  • The Cumbria Teacher of Reading: Developing
    Continued engagement in relevant literature with the second-year reading list.
Year three
  • Investigating Learning and Teaching 3: Responding to a Dynamic Education Landscape
    Final Investigating Learning and Teaching module, with an emphasis on dynamic education landscapes.
  • Investigating Learning and Teaching: Specialism Research
    Research module centred around students' specialism.
  • Curriculum Elective
    Curriculum module with a focus on students' elective subject.
  • Assessment
    Portfolio Assessment
  • Pedagogy through Specialism: Thematic and Cross-Curricular Approaches
    Final specialism module, analysing approaches to thematic and cross-curricular teaching.
  • Effective Monitoring and Assessment of Diverse Learners in English
    Final English teaching module.
  • Extending Maths
    Final Maths teaching module.
  • Extending Placement
    Third-year in-school placement.
  • The Cumbria Teacher of Reading: Extending (Q10)
    Continued engagement in the third-year reading list.

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