BSc (Hons) Paramedic Science

You’re resilient and a great communicator. You have a passion to help your local community. You thrive in the unknown and in emergency situations. We can provide specialist training to begin your career as a fully qualified paramedic. Your degree will allow you to practise as a safe and competent paramedic. We will continue to support you after graduation, with continuing professional development and postgraduate courses.

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Course Overview

You'll receive access to our modern facilities including a simulated ambulance, a mock hospital ward and a mock patient residence. All equipment is based at the Lancaster campus and is geared up for a truly unique experience for paramedical science and the ‘real-life’ scenes that aid your development as a professional. Our major incident day gives you the opportunity of working with policing and forensic student’s to deal with a series of realistic crimes. You'll have the unique opportunity of studying elements of traumatic jobs in the real world with actors and realistic scenarios to develop quick thinking and essential lifesaving skills. You will spend time learning on campus alongside engaging and working with the ambulance service whilst on placement, allowing you to use your theoretical learning in practical scenarios.

On this course you will...

  • Receive supportive teaching from tutors within a close-knit learning community.
  • Be taught by a diverse teaching faculty, with an abundance of practice experience and individual practice expertise.
  • Experience a variety of learning methods, utilising the excellent paramedic facilities on campus.
  • Undertake a second year 'rural paramedicine' module, developing your ability to manage patients for longer periods of time.
  • Discover the contemporary programme, designed to develop you to be prepared for practice in the ambulance service setting.
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Course Structure

What you will learn

On this programme, you will gain experience both clinically and academically, in pre-hospital care in both the ambulance service and in other clinical settings. Fifty weeks of your studies are undertaken on placement, where you will be guided by registered professionals with a variety of experience and skills.

The programme is informed by practice and scholarly research. Academic weeks consist of four full learning days which are a blend of learning by theory and practical sessions. You will be allocated a fixed study day each academic week to consolidate your learning and prepare for assessments. All our practice placements offer a full range of clinical exposure, inclusive of ambulance and non-ambulance settings. Placements will be provided across a wide geographical area within the North West (predominantly Cumbria). Whilst on practice placements you will observe the practice of registered professionals, working under their supervision and participating in clinical practice.

Year One
  • Development of Academic Skills and Reflective Practice
  • Fundamental Practice and Protection of Service Users in Pre-Hospital and Emergency Care Environments
  • Clinical Knowledge and Skills for Assisting with Pre-Hospital and Emergency Care
  • Foundations of Anatomy and Physiology
  • Foundations for Decision Making and Legislative Aspects of Pre-Hospital Care
  • Pre-Hospital and Emergency Care: Developing Evidence-Based Practice
  • Constructing Values, Skills, and Competencies for the Emerging Paramedic
Year Two
  • Developing Clinical Care, Judgement and Competence in Paramedic Practice
  • Pre Hospital Recognition and Management of Acute Illness and Long Term Conditions
  • Pre Hospital Care and Management of Trauma and Environmental Emergencies
  • Pre Hospital Care of Women and Children's Health
  • Research Methods
  • Developing Values, Skills and Competencies of the Paramedic
Year Three
  • Dissertation
  • Enhancing Clinical Practice and Decision Making for the Contemporary Paramedic
  • Preparing the Professional Practitioner
  • Holistic Approach to Patient Health and Wellbeing
  • Understanding Primary and Urgent Care
  • Consolidating Values, Skills and Competencies of the Paramedic

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