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Short course - Applying Project Management to Professional Settings

This course provides participants with a broad overview of project management principles, activities and tools that can be transferred and applied to a variety of different sectors and organisations. Participants will develop an understanding of the project life cycle, governance arrangements, and roles and responsibilities within a project, whilst also simulating the experience of project planning and delivery through a range of case-study based exercises.

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Course Overview

Designed for professionals who are not currently working in a project management-based role, this two-day course introduces the fundamental concepts of project management, building the understanding and skills to allow participants to apply the tools for managing successful projects to their everyday work environments.

A highly interactive course, participants will learn about the key activities across the project life cycle, working in groups to explore a project management case study and put their learning into practice.

On this course you will...

  • Describe how a project is set up and managed.
  • Explain how to start up a project.
  • Define the key steps of planning a project.
  • State the key actions in implementing and controlling project activities.
  • Recognise the actions necessary to finish off a project.
  • Discuss the importance of stakeholder management and collaborative teamwork.
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Course Structure

What you will learn

Delivered over two days, the course explores the following topics:

Day one
  • Project Lifecycles
  • Project organisation and governance
  • Starting a project
  • Stakeholder identification and management
Day two
  • Planning the project work, including scheduling and estimating
  • Managing risks
  • Monitoring and controlling project progress
  • Working in project teams

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