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Short course - Introduction to Project Design Engineering

This one-day course provides participants with an introductory overview of the key activities, dependencies and interactions that are integral to the design processes within the project environment. The course explores the importance of establishing design intent whilst ensuring safety through legislative and regulatory compliance. Participants will also look at the importance of collaborative working and early engagement in the design process to ensure functional and fit-for-purpose outputs.

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Course Overview

Introduction to Project Design Engineering is a one-day course that provides participants with an overview of the roles and responsibilities of design engineers throughout the project life cycle. Participants will look at the key activities in the design process including design obligations, the design initiation process, and managing design change.

Participants will engage in a range of interactive activities including a research task looking at the impact of poor design.

Delivered online or in-person, this course is available to all individuals working in a project setting and wishing to know more about the design process. The course may be especially useful to those who are new to the project profession.

On this course you will...

  • Define the role and responsibilities of the Design function in the project life cycle.
  • Understand the considerations involved in, and the importance of, safe design.
  • Understand Design Intent and how this is maintained.
  • Understand the challenges that can arise from poor engagement with the design process.
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Course Structure

What you will learn

A one-day course, Introduction to Project Design Engineering explores the following topics:

Day one
  • Pre-requisites to design and design obligations
  • Design initiation, categorisation and grading
  • Establishing Design Intent
  • Ensuring safe designs
  • Design Realisation, Physical and Functional Verification
  • Design change
  • Tools for design

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