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Short course - Understanding the NEC4 Contract

This two-day course provides participants with an understanding of the key features of the New Engineering Contract’s fourth edition (NEC4) with a particular focus on the Engineering and Construction Contract (ECC). Participants will explore the background of NEC4, roles and responsibilities under the NEC4 contract, and key content including core clauses and options.

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Course Overview

The New Engineering Contract (NEC) is a family of contracts created by the Institution of Civil Engineers that help apply good project management principles and practices, and define legal relationships. This course equips participants with an overview of the fourth edition contract (NEC4), its background and key philosophy, and the key differences between NEC4 and its predecessor (NEC3).

The course incorporates a particular focus on the Engineering and Construction Contract (ECC), although other contracts, including the Professional Services Contract (PSC) and the Design, Build and Operate Contract (DBO) are explored throughout the course.

Available online or in-person, this course is particularly relevant to participants working in commercial and contracting areas and others who require an insight into the NEC4 contract.

On this course you will...

  • Understand the structure and core clauses of NEC4 contracts
  • Recognise the key differences between the NEC3 and NEC4 contracts
  • Describe how compensation events are used within NEC4
  • Understand roles and responsibilities within the NEC4 framework
  • Show an awareness of risk and how to minimise through early warnings
  • Define the types of contract included under NEC4
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Course Structure

What you will learn

A two-day course, Understanding the NEC4 Contract explores the following topics:

Day one
  • The NEC family of contracts
  • Contract law
  • The ECC and its main options
  • New features of NEC4
  • NEC4 core clauses
Day two
  • ECC Secondary Options
  • Dealing with changes – Compensation Events
  • Managing time: the importance of the programme
  • Other contracts under NEC4
  • Roles and responsibilities

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