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Short course - Introduction to Managing Scope

This two-day course provides participants with an introductory knowledge of scope management activities and processes in a programme and project-based environment.

Participants will explore the roles, responsibilities and dependencies in managing scope throughout the project lifecycle, and gain a knowledge of the tools and techniques for creating a viable scope baseline.

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Course Overview

Participants will explore the activities, interfaces and challenges involved in setting and managing a programme-aligned project scope. Utilising a range of case studies and collaborative exercises, participants will look at the processes for defining, delivering and embedding the project scope, and the critical role of scope management in leading to project and programme success.

Available online or in-person, this course is relevant to all individuals working in a project or programme setting and may be especially helpful for those who are new to the project profession.

On this course you will...

  • Describe the interconnected nature of the programme/project relationship in collecting requirements, defining and managing scope.
  • Explain how the nature of managing scope changes throughout the project lifecycle.
  • List programme and project accountabilities/ responsibilities for managing scope and benefit realisation.
  • Explain who is involved and the importance of team-working between disciplines, in creating a viable scope baseline.
  • Outline how the disciplines fit together to deliver the project to and manage change of, its scope baseline.
  • Explain the benefits of investing time in setting the baseline correctly to be able to deliver against it.
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Course Structure

What you will learn

Delivered over two days, the course explores the following core topics:

- Portfolios, programmes, and projects
- Scope management across the gated process:
- Feasibility
- Appraise and select
- Define
- Deliver
- Operate, embed and close
- Reflection and action planning

Day one
  • Defining the project scope
  • Establishing and managing requirements
  • Programme management and project scope
  • Designing and selecting solutions
Day two
  • Planning the solution
  • Tracking plan execution
  • Realising benefits and business readiness

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