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Short course - Collaborative Working and the Project Execution Plan

Delivered over two days, this highly interactive course introduces participants to the key concepts of collaborative working and behavioural change which they can apply to the creation and maintenance of a Project Execution Plan (PEP or PXP), also known as a Project Management Plan (PMP) or Project Initiation Document (PID).

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Course Overview

Participants will look at the principles underpinning collaborative practice and its role in delivering successful project outcomes - exploring tools for managing internal and external stakeholders, developing cohesive and high-performing teams, and capturing reflections and continuous improvement actions.

Using a variety of case studies and working in groups, participants will explore the role of the Project Execution Plan both as a key outcome of collaboration, but also as a tool for facilitating a collaborative approach to project planning and delivery.

This CPD course can be delivered online or in-person and is available to all professionals working in a project or programme setting.

On this course you will...

  • Understand team development and the importance of communication
  • Identify your own team working style, approach to team participation, and negotiation style
  • Understand the benefits of using the Plan throughout the project in delivering project success
  • Recognise that the Plan is the “DNA” of the project and must be created and maintained collaboratively
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Course Structure

What you will learn

Delivered over two days, the Collaborative Working and the Project Execution plan course explores the following topics:

Day one
  • Content of the Plan, process for creating it, and its stakeholders
  • The importance of working collaboratively in projects
  • Roles and behaviours in the PXP process
  • Team values
  • Situational leadership
Day two
  • Initiation and the Backwards Planning process
  • Team development
  • Negotiation styles
  • Influencing and conflict resolution
  • Finalisation and continuous improvement

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