What first got you interested in art and design?

I think it came from storytelling and writing and illustrating my own stories, and it just kind of grew into painting and working in theatre as well. Those two studies run alongside each other in my practices.

What was it about the University of Cumbria that made you choose us for your degree?

It was partly convenience because I’m from Carlisle, but it was also the tutors. I knew them before I started the course, and I knew what the building and facilities were like. I also knew that in a smaller university, you have more opportunity to meet with your tutors and have those 1 on 1 discussions, whereas in a larger university you have to live up to their expectations of what you’re like. I knew that at the University of Cumbria, it’s more relaxed and there’s not as much pressure, so I stuck with the building that I already knew.



"Do your dissertation on your practice, because it just makes it so much easier. It means you don’t have to go through books and do lots of reading, you can just use the knowledge in your head of your specialism, and use the extra time to just make things."

What will you be doing after university?

I’m taking a year out to choose which Masters course I want to do. I absolutely love Fine Art, but I know that I really want to go into the theatre side of things, and I know it’s going to take a year to build up the experience to work within that industry. A lot of people on our course end up doing performance pieces, and it’d be good to merge even contemporary theatre with fine art just to combine the two disciplines. So maybe I’ll try to apply for a residency somewhere and build a bit of experience before deciding.

What advice can you give for new students?

Definitely you need to be organised, because you need to make plans. You need to know your subject area, and it’s a good idea to spend the first half of your second year experimenting with what your specialist area is. Go to the resource areas, get to know the people there and the materials. 

Fine Art

Seize your moment to do what you love and love what you do. The Fine Art course will enrich your knowledge enabling you to take your creativity into an exciting and fulfilling creative practice. Exhibit your work with your own show in our very own Vallum gallery plus unveil your talents at national shows such as 'Freerange' with your peers.

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