Gemma Stubbs auditioned at several Drama schools before coming to her interview, but it was our university that caught her attention.

“The atmosphere at UoC was much nicer, more relaxed and not pressured. I liked it much more and decided to come here. Also, there are very few courses that offer the whole spectrum of performing arts. I wanted to do singing, dancing and acting, I wouldn’t have wanted to drop one, so this course was perfect.”

When working on her original project, Gemma recalls, “I got to choreograph a piece for five boys to perform. It was very challenging as boys move in a different way, and I had to adjust moves when we were practicing to accommodate this. I loved the freedom to devise my own project and in my own style.”

The atmosphere at UoC was nice, relaxed and not pressured. I loved the freedom to devise my own project and in my own style.

Where was her favourite place to go on a night out? “The Guilded Lily, Hell and Below, Thin White Duke.  Nights out in town are great – you can go out and guarantee you will see lots of people you know. I always felt safe in town. I get a sense of coming home every time I come back here.”

Gemma’s advice for new starters is to find a balance between social life and work. “Do your assignments straight away, then you can enjoy your socialising. On this course you’re doing shows and performances, working as a team – if you don’t turn up you’re letting other people down. So you have to be there.”

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