“I came for a qualification and validation and came away with some career and life changing experiences and learning.”

I am originally from Derby but lived and worked in the Lake District for 30 years.

I have worked in Management and Leadership Development for 25 years and during that time taken part in many professional development activities. The Coaching and Mentoring Msc has given me much more time to focus on the topic and also to do my own thinking, analysis and deepening of my understanding of coaching and mentoring.

My tutors have also helped (and challenged) my thinking as well as being able to support my own areas of interest and expertise. They have also helped validate, through an academic lens, my own areas of interest that I have been using in my own practise.

The course is really living up to my expectations, in fact exceeding them. the cohort have been an absolute joy to work with and the teaching has challenged my thinking and given me a massive boost to my confidence when working with some of our commercial clients.

The learning environment is very professional with break out workspaces and lecture rooms and up to date facilities.

My advice to future student of this course would be ‘Be clear what you want to achieve first and it will be a great help – and DO IT’.

Coaching and Mentoring

MSc Coaching and Mentoring is designed for those who want to enter professional coaching, or for those who are already professional coaches but who wish to extend their knowledge and practice to Masters level.

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