Kelly has some great memories of the course.

"The lecturers were clearly excited about their field of study. This excitement and passion was infectious! The course was vibrant and easily navigated. The lecturers were always there to help if a particular module needed revisiting.

"What surprised me was the fun that we had in lectures and in sessions. I really enjoyed the practical nature of many of the activities.

"I made lifelong friends at Uni. I still meet up with a group of girls (who were on different course but who we met in halls) and it's lovely to have that contact.

"I am currently a class teacher working for Lancaster County Council; I am currently waiting to begin a postgraduate master’s course and then hope to use this to further my career.

The most satisfying thing about being a teacher is that moment when a kid shouts out, 'Oh, Miss...I get it, I get it!!' That's it, those few words right there.

"Coming to the University of Cumbria enabled me to reach my potential and go into a wonderful career. Expect to be motivated to become the best you that there is."

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